Department of  Electronics%20and%20Communication
S.No Subject Code Subject Name Staff Name View
1 12PEL08 Embedded System S.ARULMANInot uploaded
2 12PELZ03 VLSI design and VHDL P.VIJAYALAKSHMInot uploaded
3 12PEL06 Digital signal processing P.VIJAYALAKSHMInot uploaded
4 12PEL08 Embedded system P.SARASWATHInot uploaded
5 12PEL07 Optical fiber communication P.SARASWATHInot uploaded
6 12UELE07 Satellite, Cable & DTH Systems S.SANTHOSHnot uploaded
7 12PEL06 Digital signal processing M.NAGALAKSMInot uploaded