Department of  Biotechnology
S.No Subject Code Subject Name Staff Name View
1 12PBT07 Animal Cell Science & Technology Dr. P. Iyappannot uploaded
2 12PBT06 Plant Biotechnology Dr. P.Selvamaleeswarannot uploaded
3 MB Microbiology Mrs. D. KavithaDownload
4 BC Biological Chemistry Mrs. T. Kavithanot uploaded
5 12PBTZ03 Bioinformatics, IPR & Bioethics Mrs. T. Kavithanot uploaded
6 12PBT06 Plant Biotechnology P.Sivasankarinot uploaded
7 12PBT08 Bioprocess & Enzyme Technology Mr. E. Manimarannot uploaded
8 BB Biophysics and Bioinstrumentation Mrs. S. Subananot uploaded
9 12PBT08 Bioprocess & Enzyme Technology Mrs. S. SubanaDownload
10 CMB Cell and Molelcular Biology Mrs. S. Subananot uploaded
11 12PBT07 Animal Cell Science & Technology K.Chithranot uploaded
12 12PBTZ03 Bioinformatics, IPR & Bioethics K.Chithranot uploaded
13 BB Biophysics and Bioinstrumentation K.Chitranot uploaded