Department of  Commerce
S.No Subject Code Subject Name Staff Name View
1 12PCMZ06 Retail Marketing R.SenKotuvelnot uploaded
2 12PCM12 Income Tax and Tax Planning Dr.R.RamaabaanuDownload
3 fin Financial Management S.Sivakumarnot uploaded
4 12PCM09 Research Methodology S.Vijayarangannot uploaded
5 OB Organisational Behaviour S.Vijayarangannot uploaded
6 12PCM11 Human Resource Management M.Bosenot uploaded
7 AMD Accounting for Managerial Decisions M.Bosenot uploaded
8 mod Modern Banking M.Yasmina Thabasumnot uploaded
9 mm Marketing Managmennt P.Indiraninot uploaded
10 12PCM10 Advanced Corporate Accounting K.PremaDownload