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Muthayammal E-Notes is an excellent resource for both students and teachers alike. Teachers can upload their notes as per their workload and the papers they being conducting. E-Notes having a large supply of information to share with students looking for precise lesson materials to help them expand their knowledge base.

E-Notes being with an impressive host of information backing it up, and a plethora of resources made available through this site, eNotes can be safely regarded as a safe bet for your study needs.

Quality of Contents: Quality is a top priority for eNotes, accuracy and effective materials meant to give students an added boost in their studies.

Usage: The notes uploaded on eNotes are as per the staffs work load of every staff belongs to each and every department. Vast amounts of material can be found on this website as like Word/PDF documents and also with Ppts for every units. A truly golden aspect of this website, however, is the option to download lesson plans and notes. While this is mainly an advantage for teachers to upload their notes by units online and students can take advantage of the information involved in such a tool. Throughout the semester, each student would be able to download the notes as per their syllabus, using their specified USER NAME and PASSWORD provided by their Departments.